Winshape Camp Volunteers – “FIRE Village”

We  our Winshape Camp volunteers!  Camp just wouldn’t be the same without you.  We believe you are such an integrated part of the camp experience that we formed a new tribe just for volunteers called the “Fire Village”.  If you would like to be a volunteer with Winshape Camp – Gaffney we will require you to follow the link below and register with Winshape Camps.  We will contact only those that officially register with the corporate office of Winshape (via the link below)  and then give you the options of volunteer positions to choose from.  There are numerous positions and we are trying to register 50 volunteers to fill those roles.  We understand that many volunteers have a limited amount of time so we’d be glad to work with your scheduling requirements.

The youngest age allowed for volunteers will be students that have completed 9th grade and will be going into 10th.

Please note:  We currently do not have daycare facilities available for children that are not old enough to attend Winshape Camp.