Winshape Camp – Galaxy Village

Galaxy Village is unlike anything that has every happened at WinShape Camps for Communities. Some would suggest that this new village is so different it is “out of this world…” For the first time ever WinShape Camps for Communities is providing a specific program for completed 7th – 9th graders.

What to expect:

Galaxy Staff – This village has two WinShape summer staff members dedicated to them all week long as well as local volunteers.
Price – It cost the same as the rest of camp, $209.
Triangulation – Galaxy campers will participate, but in a different way than regular campers.
Skills – Each day two skills will be offered during “options” for campers to choose from, inside or outside. New skills are offered each day. Campers choose on the spot and do not need to sign up prior.
Waitlist – This village has a max-capacity of 30 campers.  If this village fills up before you register, you will be added to waitlist.
Lunch – Campers will be provided lunch like the rest of the camp.
Schedule – Same as regular camp. Campers can arrive starting at 7:45 AM with the camp day officially starting at 8:30 AM. The camp day ends at 5 PM.

What will they do?

Kick Back – Hangout time for games, chatting, and a special snack option in a Galaxy only zone.
Wake Up – Camp wide activity in the auditorium [only time with the other villages].
QT + Small Group – Leader facilitated small group discussion + personally spending time in reflection. Campers will be divided by gender.
Free Time – Catch your breathe, rehydrate, and get ready for the Main Event.
Life Skills – Pick up practical skills such as: finances, home and communication.
Daily Choices of Activities – skills options change daily.
Worship – Video introduced, station oriented, group experiences, and music in an intimate setting.
Swerve – Learn and practice how to practically go out of your way to help when you see a need.
Main Events – Signature large group activities, inside or outside, messy or clean.
ReCap – Get the tools to take your camp day home.